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New Partner

New Partner

On this page you can create a new Link partner. 

To begin with, you only need to fill out five pieces of information - these fields are explained in detail below.

When you are done filling out the required fields, click 'Save' to create the partner. Or click 'Cancel' to return to the Partner Search page.


Input the name of the partner here, which will then be used throughout Link when referring to this partner. This field is required.

Partner type

In Link, there can be two different types of partners: internal and external. An internal partner is an endpoint (typically of an application) within your organization. External partners are your business partners that you are exchanging data with. This value is set to external by default.

Identification type and value

The identification type used for the partner can be selected from a dropdown. After selecting the identification type, you can fill out the "Identification Value" field. Any additional identification can be added later on the 'Partner Details page'. You can read more about this topic in the Identification types chapter.

Is Proxy Partner

Select this checkbox to mark this partner as a proxy partner. You can read more information about this on the 'Proxy Partners' page.

After successfully creating a partner, you will be taken directly to the Partner detail page screen from where you can set up a lot more configuration.

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