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Proxy partners

Proxy partners

Proxy partners is a feature that enables receive of multiple documents using only one partner (e.g. a VANS provider). This feature requires that a list of partners is whitelisted for use with the proxy partner. This means that if a document received specifies that it comes from Partner 1 and this partner is not whitelisted, the document will fail.

Enabling proxy partners

Proxy partners are enabled by default but you need specific access to it.

Required permissions and settings

There are three permissions that gives access to proxy partners:

  • Partner Action ProxyPartnerCreate
  • Partner Action ProxyPartnerEdit
  • Partner Action ProxyPartnerShow
    (ProxyPartnerShow allows you to see which partners are whitelisted. Both on the proxy partner and on the partner itself.)

To learn more about how to ensure that you have the right permissions, we refer to the User management article.

Note that for the Proxy Settings tab to be shown on the Partner Detail page, EnableProxyPartnerWhitelist has to set to true under Settings / Settings. 

Creating a proxy partner

By ticking the 'Is Proxy Partner' checkbox, when creating a new partner, you define that the partner is a proxy partner. You can’t change a partner from a proxy partner to a non-proxy partner or the other way around when the partner is first created.

See the 'New Partner' page in the user guide for more information on how to create a partner.

You can see that a partner has been ticked as a proxy partner in the screenshot below.

On the partner details screen, you can see whether a partner is a proxy partner or not, by the green label located next to the partner name as shown in the screenshot below.

Whitelisting partners

On the Partner Detail Page, you can see the Proxy Settings tab.


From here you can choose which partners should belong to the proxy partner whitelist.

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