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Self-service support for the business

With Link, anyone in your organization can find out the status of any individual document - without involving your IT department.

This guide gives you an example of how to troubleshoot a failed document.

As described under Tracking, you can search for processed documents under the Menu Tracking. When a document fails, it will be labeled “Failed” in “Last Status”.

If you search for documents with Status failed under Tracking


Three columns are automatically added in the Search result: Error code, Stakeholder and Exception Message:

If you open the relevant document, you can see more info on the error.

How to handle errors?

Document errors can be of many different types and scenarios can differ depending on the setup of each organization. Different errors demand involvement of different people - both in your company and in your partner’s company.

Here´s an example:

Your customer changed an item number in their ERP-system without letting you know and then sends you an order which fails as the item number is not found in your ERP-system. With Link, there is no need to involve the IT-department as it’s the person handling orders who knows who to contact on the customer side in order to agree on data.

The right solution here would be to change the status from “Failed” to “On Hold” with a comment stating that the customer has been contacted.

When you change the status, you can add the comment:


Your comment will be shown under “Status Flow” at the bottom of the Details page for the document:

When you have agreed on data, you can proceed with a solution. Solutions would be:

a. the customer has confirmed that the item number is changed - and it’s therefore changed in your ERP-system as well. Solution: You can Resend the document as there is now a match between the order and your ERP-system.



b. the customer realizes that the change of item number was a mistake and changes it back. Solution: You should change original document from status On Hold to Manually Handle and ask the customer to resend the order with correct item number. If it then fails due to duplicate check, you can bypass duplicate check when resending again.


Other more technical errors should of course be handled by technicians who know how to solve these kinds of errors.

To send more information about errors to the correct person or group, the following should be set up:

  1. Stakeholders under Settings - User Groups. . You can set up as many Stakeholders as needed. Description about how to do this in Link User Guide: User groups

  2. Under Error handling the Stakeholders are added for each Category of errors - on a Default level, but it can also be defined on lower levels and for different document types. Description in Link User Guide: Error Handling.


You can create your own error codes, if the existing ones are not precise enough. Learn how to do this in the following article:



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