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Alerts in Link

The Link Error Handling engine is excellent for ensuring that every time a document error occurs, relevant information reaches the appropriate stakeholders so that appropriate remedying actions can be taken. Likewise, the Monitoring module can help you ensure that concrete entities (e.g., locations or certificates) are monitored, and you receive proper warnings in case of problems.

The Alerts module is yet another powerful feature that can help you ensure that your integration setup is running as expected. The primary focus of Alerts is to notify you when expected traffic does not occur.

For each distribution, you can set up an alert that checks for activity (i.e., the transmission of documents) within expected timeframes and notifies relevant people in case there is none. Alerts are set up via the Distribution detail page.

The Alert status menu item provides an overview of all alerts that have been set up.

Through the Alert default email template page, you can configure the subject and body of the default notification emails. Please note that it is possible to override the default mail configuration with distribution-specific emails; these can be configured when setting up individual alerts.

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