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This page contains a list of all registered users in your Link solution displayed in a Data grid

Each element on the page will be explained in detail here.

Action Buttons

These buttons allow you to create new users and perform actions on selected users. To select a user, select the checkbox in the leftmost column of the data grid as shown in the figure above.

Show Users

Clicking this will redirect you to the details page for the selected user(s). If more than one user was selected in the data grid, a tab will be created for each one.

Switch users by selecting the corresponding tab. 

New User

This will redirect you to a page allowing you to create a new user. The layout of the page is similar to the My Profile page, which is explained on its own separate page in this user guide. 

Input your user information in the fields shown and press 'Save' to confirm, or press 'Cancel' to end this action and return to the Users page.

Note that all fields, except the 'Domain Account Name' field are mandatory. 

User group Details

By clicking on the arrow to the left of the Display Name, a list of user groups registered on the user will be shown.


The rightmost column shows whether the user is disabled or not. 

Content on this page:

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