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My Profile

My Profile

On the "My Profile" page, you can see your user profile information as well as any user groups you might be registered in. Your user information is locked by default, but can be changed by clicking the 'Edit' and 'Change' buttons.

Each field will be explained in detail below.

User Profile

Your user profile information is displayed here.

Display Name

This name will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of the page when you are logged in.


This is the email address associated with your account. 


This is your Link username and is locked by default. To change it, click the 'Change' button to the right of the field. Then, a new window allowing you to input a new username will open. Press Ok to confirm, or press Cancel to end this action and keep your current username.


Your Link account password is hidden and locked by default. Click 'Change' to change your password. A new window will then open, allowing you to enter a new password. Press Ok to confirm, or press cancel to end this action and keep your current password. 

Domain account name

This setting is used when Azure AD integration has been set up.


The partner your account is registered under will appear here. Click the 'Edit' button to change the partner. Select the partner field to open a new window, where you can then search across all partners in your Link solution. When you start typing, any partners that match the search term will show up below the search box. You can select the partner from here, which will close the search window. Select clear to reset the search.

Show full access model

Clicking here will open a new window showing you exactly which permissions your account has, based on the user groups you are registered in. Click the arrow left of the user group name to see what roles are associated with that user group. To see which permissions each role has, click the left arrow next to the role name. You can also search for specific roles and permissions in the search field. 

User groups

Any user groups your account is registered in will be shown here. The option to change user groups is locked by default. Click 'Edit' to select or deselect user groups for your account. Note that some user groups may still be locked if your account doesn´t have the required permissions. Press 'Save' when you are done editing to save your changes. Read the User groups page in the user guide for more information.

Multi factor authentication

If the company has a policy that states MFA must be enabled, click the ‘Enable MFA’ line. 

A dialogue window will then appear, where you need to click the ‘Enable MFA’ button to proceed with the MFA enabling process. Link does not provide a dedicated MFA authenticator app, so you must check which authenticator app must be used in your company with your internal IT security department. 

When MFA is enabled, the user must then provide not just a username and password, but also a code from the authenticator app to enable the user to log into the Link environment in question. 

Personal Access Tokens

In this section you can create personal access tokens (PATs). 

The far most common use case is to use PAT when utilizing the Link API. You can read more about that here: API

It is very easy to create a new PAT. Simply input desired name, expiry date and which scopes you're going to use the access token.

User specific settings

In this section, you can configure user-specific behavior of the Data grids in Link.

Grid settings

Select all mode

Here you can choose how Link data grids should behave when you use "select all" and your search has returned more documents that displayed on the screen.

You can choose between only selecting those appearing on the screen or select ALL documents including those not shown.

Show filter row for each column in Tracking search

This option will make a text-search filter appear for each column in the data grid. 
Note that this feature is only available on the Document search screen.

Chart settings

Enable chart refresh time

Here you have the option of making Link data grids automatically refresh. You can also specify the refresh interval.

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